EKMOS Dictionary

Here you can find the dictionary of EKMOS, to better understand our tools, objects, materials, institutions and products in general.

AETHORY        – laboratory; Ekrontek aircraft laboratory

AILEKRON       – tool; movement control system of aircraft wings

AMMUNI          – tool; weapon types

ANCROIS         – material; high-pressure resistant material

A-NIHI               – tool; a type of big tube or head with extremely sharp blades which help to cut, compress and abolish various debris, products, dead bodies of animals or other biological objects

AQUALIF          – institution; water vehicle and machine developing department of EKRONTEK

ARMUREK       – object; Ekrontek armor kit

ATHERMEK     – material; heat-resistant varnish

AUDISTER       – tool; sound recording device

A-WHARE        – tool, sensors which prevent crashes and collisions

BARUDD           – object; a steering tail of various sizes attached to the bottom of a water vehicle

BLEDAIR           – tool; blades on a propeller frame

C-gen head     – tool; C-generation head, poly-plug function

CHASVIA          – platform; underground tube, tunnel

CHEKRON       – material; a type of metal

COMEKRON   – tool; communicational portal for Ekhmo

CULARTI           – tool; small cameras

EKHMO             – organ, artificial intelligence, brain

EKHUARD        – institution; guards of Ekhmo

EKRONIUM     – material; super strong, found in the outer space

ESAP                  – institution; Ekrontek Safety Program; responsible for rescue and safety

GAALINE          – tool; a special objects or equipment of any shapes which collects salt from saltwater

IMPENE             – material; non-flexible, rather stiff but impenetrable

INHIAL               – material; a kind of material that draws in, inhales air or more specifically wind, that way collects wind power as a natural form of energy

INTETRANS    – institution; is in charge of integrated mass transportation (MHD); under EKRONTEK

LEUKHO           – tool; light-emitting diodes which work as pixels for smart video display, they optically change an object’s appearance when installed

LEXIBER           – material; elastic bust strong synthetic fiber

MUETIC             – material; a material that mutes or minimalizes the sound of the object it covers

NAUMAKHIA  – game; a type of game where players on HUWANTI boats catch and submerge balls on a water surface; the player with the most balls caught wins.

NEOSMO         – institution; scientific and educational institution

NEVITAE          – project; exploring Haumea dwarf planet with Opylion cars

NOERTU           – material; a flexible but impenetrable

QUIDUTEK      – tool; type of wings with dual endings

QUIRIN              – company; competitor and enemy of Ekrontek 

SAAIND            – object; sail on a boat made from thinned Ekronium, usually covered in Inhail

SEQECA           – object; a detachable capsule

SKHALU            – object; high-pressure resistant capsule

SPIMO               – engine; a type of engine which generates motion by spinning

TRANORG       – institution; in charge of mass transportation; competitive company

TUIFT                 – tool; a tube that emits air, used for lifting objects

X-OLAR            – system; a program that helps guiding a vehicle even from space

YPERSE             – tool; sensor, sense living creators and stops machines from hurting them

WATA                – institution; World Association of Transport Analysis - research, examining, testing & award winning


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