“Even a small moon can eclipse the whole sun.”

Definitely a sentence worth remembering. Most of us, young, ambitious and mainly creative people fall into desperation, because we see ourselves in the future as a tool for realizing other’s dreams. Masters of 3D programs, sketching, designing, painting end up in video game, advertising and automotive companies where they manufacture foreign shapes like a machine; designers re-draw unknown characters, identities for eternity to satisfy the vision of someone else; great stories vanish, because essential things are missing for giving life to ideas.

What about our dreams?

Our team was once at the point of the same despair. Young people, still in school or finishing it, not knowing where to go on, only aware of the disgust they have for big businesses ripping off their talent. And then a brilliant idea came along. EKMOS.

You see, EKMOS is not just for us to showcase our skills and sell a ton of products just to gain profit and go on a monthly holiday to the Bahamas. On the contrary, even if we were billionaires we would still sit in our workroom creating new assets. But we are not billionaires. We are simple guys who went through the same struggle as probably all of you: finding appreciation for our work and making a living out of it.

And that is exactly what we want to deal with. Appreciating work. Designs. Skills. Mad skills. And giving opportunity, creating friendly competitions between each other, supporting developers, concept maniacs, dreamers. To achieve appreciation.

Therefore, EKMOS is for everyone who has insane creations and wants to be respected for it. It’s an honest platform for people to access high-quality products or offer their own, with the aim to motivate and support self-realization. To support making dreams come true.

You might be an unknown fragment of the universe. But here we give you a fair place to really show yourself through what you are capable of. Maybe one day you overshadow even the biggest stars.

It’s all up to you.

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