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There are many ways to survive a crash – if the car bumps into something, you can crawl out; if the ship sinks, you can swim, if trains collide, you can manage to escape from the wrack. But when you are sitting on a plane that is falling with an inevitable speed, what are your chances of survival?

Many years had to pass until humanity matured to the conclusion the sky is not as safe as they believed. With increased aircraft attacks and global climatic changes, the safety of traveling in the air was highly questionable. The main problem wasn’t only the loss of the lives of airplane passenger, but the destruction a falling machine caused. Their possible landing location could be calculated, which increased survival rates by evacuating the given areas, but this still couldn’t reduce the amount of damages caused to towns, cities, metropolises and others.

The technology was highly advanced though. Airplanes had automatized safety modes, increased speed, strengthened communicational portals, bud these attributes still couldn’t eliminate external threats. The problem was solved only when a completely new system of safety operations was introduced to air travel: the Aertille.

The Aertille is a group of air guards and assistants. Their tasks are complex and depends on each given situation. They either function as patrols which report possible threats from sky-space; as saviors assisting at plane crashes to completely recover them; or as destructive machines which shoot down enemies or helpless aircrafts to reduce damages and mortality rate on land. While one might question the moral aspect of their service in some cases, in overall deliberation they are proven to be successful.

The range of machines involved in this service is rather expansive. Although the main machines are Aertille’s – hence the name of the safety operation -, various other types of aerial vehicles are involved as well. For instance, Primekh Fighters are appointed mainly as patrols. Since they are the fastest machines ever existing with a so-called E7 super speed with dual Quidutek wind endings, have ultralight weight and an inbuilt- Ekhmo autonomous control system, they can function as drones and quickly report danger. They are not designed to shoot down or directly save planes, but they serve as reliable means of communication.

On the other hand, Aertillemachines are designated for emergencies. They can vary in size and range of equipment. The most important common thing they have is the Ammuni weapon gear, consisting of cannon, missiles and automatized machine-guns. Their task is the hardest though. They have to quickly arrive to the area the Primekh’s have reported to be in danger. They have to weigh the situation: whether the plane in question can be saved or poses an unescapable threat to the land and has a high per cent of possible fall and crash-landing. If it can be saved, then huge cargo air machines are alarmed to catch the plane; if not, there is a chance it has to be shot down.

You see, the task you are willing to be responsible for is very complicated. Not anyone can become an Aertillepilot. It requires nerves of iron, quick decisions, strong rational thinking and coping with your own emotional and moral believes. Are you ready? If so, let your duty begin. If not, leave and never look back.

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