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Humanity is known for its passion for games. Whether it’s in the nature of our kind or just a temporary obsession in millions of individuals, the games even from the early ages had the tendency to be rather violent. Spears, swords, guns, canons, machine-guns, bombs, missiles and other tools of destruction were constantly present in what seemed to be only a competition between players.

But games are dangerous. They cause either psychical or physical pain. The loser can’t cope with their own failure and loss. The winner is intoxicated from victory. Not to mention games that go in the style of the Russian roulette: losing the most precious thing, life. But people are people, they will chase the trill no matter what it takes and what it does to them.

With raising violence towards humans in the field of entertainment, the year 2098 brought a lot of new things in order to stop the ongoing savage ways of playing. One of them was a law forbidding games that cause psychical damage, or at least significantly modifying them. The other was the introduction of the Aurathon.

The Aurathon wasn’t a cruelty-free game. It just transferred the harm from living creatures to inanimate objects. Each player has to construct their own drone vehicle. Their base is a Quirmo drone car with four adaptive wheels. Their body is constructed from a flexible NOERTU material, and each has a joint that gets attached to a turret or AMMUNI weapon machine. The Quirmo’s are all unique. According to how a player builds them they differ in speed, agility, strength, firing abilities and many others. The cars are then controlled through a COMEKRON channel and function as drones.

Keeping the spirit of races and shooting games, the Aurathon is the infusion of both. The Quirmo’s are let into a track where they race for the first place. After specific levels and in limited intervals they get the permission to use their weapons and attack others. This way they not only compete in speed, but also eliminate opponents while protecting themselves. Since no human being is directly, physically involved in the game, the Aurathon can easily turn into a playground of mass destruction.

Stay updated. Quirmo’s are coming soon.

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