The Story of Ekmos

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In 2032 a small team of scientists called QUIRIN discovered an unknown object in the galaxy in a distance of 10 billion kilometers from our Earth. Having a weak financial background they could not launch an exploration mission. They sold the ownership rights to a bigger team led by Haun Mirna who immediately gathered all the necessary equipments and vehicles. In 2033 they reached the unknown object and started to analyze its components.

The first laboratory test was conducted on Earth and it ended with failure. Haun’s scientists did not know back then that the material could not survive in a raw condition far from its place of origin. Only when they returned to collect samples for a second examination and their spaceship’s engine suffered a malfunction from unknown reasons, they realized what secrets the material was hiding from them. Having no other option than to run tests far away from their home, in an environment they knew nothing about, suddenly they got results they would have never dreamt of before. The strange material turned out to be 378 times stronger and harder than Earth’s best and most durable elements, and after heat treatments it became suitable for use in our Earth’s conditions as well. This new discovery changed the team’s future.

By the year 2035 the team had already revealed their discovery and got enough sponsors to start their project EKRON. A massive building process begun to establish the industry imperium EKRONTEK around the space object EKRON. Haun’s idea was to create a factory for machines far away from our home planet which will excel in design and performance. The reason for an outer establishment was mainly affected by the new material, EKRONIUM’s behavior in raw condition in a different environment. By 2041 the build-up of EKRONTEK was finished and a massive collection of EKRONIUM begun.

A year later, in 2042 a drill head unveiled something extraordinary in 4 km depth. What it found was an inanimate substance that yet had its own autonomous behavior and artificial intelligence. When placed into a mass of EKRONIUM it began to control them as a mother engine. Soon EKRONTEK’s digital developers succeeded in finding out how to program and control the substance, which got the name EKMO.

Running various researches and tests, the developing and improvement of various design concepts, technics and technologies was still in preparation until 2048, when finally everything was ready to start the production of various machines and vehicles. Every single one of them had an EKMO, a brain built in to support constant functioning and some of them had it as an own autonomous controlling system.

The machines were divided into four sections: the first group includes those which wander on the ground, the second group rules the water, the third group darkens the air and the fourth – the last one – explores the space. With these concepts different kinds of cars, trains, aircrafts, ships, spaceships, robots and many others were born, all available for our Earth and serving the human kind.

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